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This site is an evolving collection and presentation of a wide-variety of information for the benefit of amateur radio. Most often with multiple references to reliable and accurate information from amateur and commercial sources, best-practice, how electronics and RF work, 'instructables' and practical examples.

Ham radio is and runs on technology - electronics and physics. Sources/references, as all in technology should be and are science/physics, other engineers, measurements, practical experience, and best practice. There are no 'magic' radios or antennas - but good or bad implementations. After that, propagation is the 'magic' most responsible for our "good contacts".

Mentoring is key. Sharing, facilitating and leveraging information resources seems to be a good thing.

Enjoy the site, the infrequent blog entries, the photo gallery which captures various projects and tests, and join in with questions and discussion at the Amateur Radio Elmers Facebook group!

Best 73 from your team at Amateur Radio Elmers!!


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